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Skiing with children

Once the children have reached the age of three, you don’t have to book childcare, they can actually start to learn to ski! Just beware, however, that when you start them on skis this young, they may overtake you by the age of 6!

Children aged 3 – 14

Skiing with ESF – Piou Piou Club

Club Poiu Poiu logoThe local French ski school, the ESF, has a dedicated children’s ski garden at the bottom of the ski slopes with a special children’s club chalet attached.

The ski lessons are given by the ESF instructors in the special ski garden or on the mountain. Where your child’s ski lesson takes place, depends upon their age and ability. Wrap around care before and after lesson times is provided in the form of indoor or outdoor entertainment by a dedicated childcare team. Your child can also have lunch at the club, if you wish.

An example of a day

9.00am: Drop off at the Club Chalet

9.30am: Ski lesson starts and your child will be taken to the start point, fully kitted out by the childcare team

Note Younger children will probably spend the majority of the lesson in the ski garden. A morning snack is provided and there are regular toilet breaks. As children progress, the instructor will probably take them up the Morzine-Les Gets side of the mountain.

12noon: Lesson finishes and the ski instructor will bring your child back to the ski garden, if not already there. If you haven’t booked in your child for lunch, then you may pick him up at this time

12noon-2.00pm: Lunch

2.00pm: Pick up time if you have just booked a morning session with lunch. Or it’s the start of afternoon activities

2.30pm-5.00pm: More ski lessons (afternoon snack provided)


2.00pm-5.00pm: Indoor or outdoor activities organised by the childcare entertainments team

5.00pm: Home time!

All ski equipment and clothing is labelled and you can leave it all at the club chalet all week.

Chalet Morzine top tip!
During school holidays, timings for lessons and drop-offs change. Please check ESF for all exact hours and times during the season and the different package prices on offer

Children over 5 years old

If you don’t need the extra wrap around care that the Piou Piou Club offers, then you can just book normal group lessons with the ESF, The Snow School or Bass. Under 5’s however, need to go through the Piou Piou Club for group lessons. Private lessons for under 5s can be arranged. Please see our ski and snowboard lesson page for more information.

Ski clothing and equipment to bring

Chalet Morzine top tip!
We have a washing machine & tumble dryer available for an extra charge. No need to bring the entire wardrobe!

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