New Outdoor Hot Tub at Chalet Morzine

We finally decided to get an outdoor hot tub….yippee!!!!

Hot Tub Preparations

Chalet Morzine Hot Tub Preparations
The Hot Tub Area

Preparation of the hot tub area

Yes, the miracle has happened and Chalet Morzine Owner, Thierry Rodriguez, finally decided to give in to his wifes demands (as they always do in the end!) and put in a hot tub for the chalet.

So as I got the go ahead, I just didn’t choose any old hot tub….    We have gone for a beautiful Caldera Spa from  Canada.  One of the new ones in their range, which has the following functions  (ooh err missus):

6 to 8 seater with one massage seat where you can lay down….don’t go too far under though!

46 jets including deep tissue massage jets, special foot massage jets and neck massage jets to name a few (haven’t quite grasped them all yet).

12 lighting points to create a nice atmosphere

Ipod music system (but not too loud at night….need to think of the neighbours!)

A little waterfall and hopefully lots of nice lights and decking surround…. (still in negotation with him on these points).

The hot tub in the showroom

The Hot tub in the showroom


As you can see it is positioned just in front of the garage, which has also had a facelift and been tiled and improved to create an overall better customer experience.

Keeping the chalet morzine garage warmer

Insulating the garage


So ladies and gents, don’t forget your swimming gear and hope you are looking forward to your skiing and snowboarding chalet holiday with us at Chalet Morzine even more!












So which one have we gone for?