Black and white photo of Hotel les Cimes Hotel les Cimes under construction 1951 Pascal Rodriguez and Marie Rosset

Family chalet life

Life in Chalet Morzine (Chez Pascal) actually began in 1967 when Thierry’s Grandfather, Pascal, decided to build the chalet as an annexe to his very successful Hotel les Cimes.

Old colour photo of Hotel les Cimes covered in snow

Pascal Rodriguez, Thierry’s grandfather, was born in Spain, just outside Madrid. One of 15 children the Spanish family escaped over the French Spanish border in 1929 and settled in Nimes in the south of France. Eager to make his fortune, Pascal left Nimes at the age of 15 and arrived in Morzine. He met and married Marie Rosset, who is part of a large Morzine family and they had one son, Jean-Claude. For their time they were real entrepreneurs and built their own hotel, the Hotel Les Cimes, which was incredibly popular and successful. This is now an apartment block on the Route des Gets, just below Chalet Morzine.

Chalet Morzine in the eightiesPascal, a self taught excellent chef and hotelier, became a very important person in Morzine and instigated many events to attract tourists to Morzine from all over the local area.  There are many photos of him doing ski races right back down to the hotel through the town with giant fondues and meals to be enjoyed by all!  Due to the success of the hotel, he needed more space for himself and Marie and also a few extra rooms for the hotel. With this in mind, he built the Chalet Chez Pascal (today, Chalet Morzine) and the top floor of the chalet served as an extra annexe when needed. At that time, there were not many other chalets around!

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The renovations

We took over the chalet in 2002 and have gradually renovated it to the beautiful chalet it is today. We have managed to retain original beams, the original fireplace, the marble staircase and many other features whilst modernising bathrooms and bedrooms to bring it up to the luxurious standard our guests enjoy.  We feel that the history of the chalet is an important aspect to highlight… its not a newly built property, just recently thrown up for rent run by a couple of seasonnaires.  This is a chalet of real Morzine history and tradition, run and managed by real Morzine people….


The Chalet Morzine family

A tribute Pascal passed away in April 2009 at the ripe old age of 90. We hope we are carrying on the family tradition well and doing him and the chalet justice xx