Lindsey and Thierry Rodriguez Chloe and Lea

About Chalet Morzine

Chalet Morzine is a private family chalet business, run by Lindsey, who is English, from Yorkshire and Thierry, a French Ski Instructor from Morzine. The chalet is fully owned by us (well owned by Thierry if we need to be precise!!) and as such we have created a real Anglo/French, relaxed, home from home atmosphere within our simply beautiful Alpine chalet (I dropped on well girls, even if I do say so myself).


Lindsey, Chalet Morzine

Also likes…
Chocolate, dance classes, skiing (when time permits but not with her husband – it’s the driving lesson experience!), walking, England beating France in any sporting event and having a chef in the winter


Thierry, Chalet Morzine

Also likes…
Beating England in sporting events (this gives the man joy like you wouldn’t believe!), getting the weather forecast right in the morning, running marathons (now done 6 and his best time is 2.47… yes, he is pretty fast at some things) and skiing (of course)

Chloé (04/06/2003)

Chloé Our conscientious kind-hearted 8 year old, who wouldn’t hurt a fly, literally. Good at school, teacher’s pet, and a pretty good all rounder at sports; ice-dancing, skiing (far faster than her mother, embarrassingly), plays the clarinet, horse-riding, swimming, tennis, dancing… phew I’ll stop there. Oh and also has a harem of admirers at school already, so a good job we live on a slope where Daddy can supervise any boys coming to the door.

Léa (07/07/2006)

Léa Our mischievous, incredibly lovable, 5 year old whose artistic flair has been evident very early on; from the writing and glueing on the walls and brand new bunk beds. Not quite sure about school just yet but she is excellent at English and sticking out her bottom lip. Very fashion conscious and getting her dressed in the morning for school (no school uniform here …arghhh) is a testing experience. Getting quite zippy on the skis already, loves the water and dancing, but still ‘Bambi on ice’ on the ice-skates (very cute).

So where did this fusion of talent begin?

Thierry and LindseyWhilst I was managing the Northern French Alps for Thomson and Crystal holidays in 1998 (based in Morzine-Avoriaz), I decided to take up the free skiing lessons offered by the tour operator. It was a free service for guests at the time, but no-one had turned up. So being very Yorkshire and not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly got my kit together and met the instructor… yes, and you’ve guessed it, it was Thierry.

Fresh from his trip around Australia, the English and charm was in full flow, so yes, ladies, I fell for the charm and the ski jacket and after travelling the world together for 18 months, we got married in Morzine in June 2002. Thierry’s father, Jean-Claude (a ski instructor as well as being Deputy Mayor of Morzine at the time) was able to marry us at Morzine town hall and the rest as they say, is history…

So, a natural fusion of our experiences ensued and Chalet Morzine was born (along with our daughter Chloé)

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